Almost any location

Having trouble getting good WiFi to your remote location? Is your signal weak in and around your property/office? Need reliable fast connection, wirelessly or cabled? Network systems need installing or maintaining? All these and more are daily projects for the team at Smiths CCTV.

Many clients have thought they would not be able to protect their properties like out buildings, stables, agricultural barns, garages and alike – however, this is no longer the case. Smiths CCTV are specialist in their field for finding manageable and cost effective solutions to almost any location.

Slow internet? Poor connectivity?

There are more demands on Wi-Fi usage than ever before in your business and around your home, with mobile phones, smart TVs and household gadgets all trying to share the incoming signal, many find that their speed can be affected.

J. Cooper, of Sevenoaks had exactly this problem after Sky Q was installed.

“Sky had installed several boosters that were just boosting a slow unusable Wi-Fi signal around”.

Jon Smith, Senior Engineer Consultant, created a bespoke solution with discreet ceiling mounted WiFi access points combined with a single wall mount access point, a comms rack and Ethernet ports. Resulting in improved connectivity around the home and fixed points for additional items to share the now faster, Wi-Fi access.

A common problem for consumers but a simple solution for Smiths CCTV, speak to their engineer team today to discuss your Wi-Fi Issues

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